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Alpacas are considered to be wool animals with the smallest ecological footprint. The yarn used in Bïut products comes from the Peruvian Andes, where alpacas live high in the mountains. All Bïut knitwear products are made on a hand-knitting machine and the finished product is perfected by hand. Bïut alpaca wool knitwear products and accessories are made following zero-waste principles. 100% all knitwear residues find a purpose. 


In the case of the alpaca wool knitted products of Bïut, the origin and qualities of the wool are very important. The yarn used to make Bïut’s alpaca wool products comes from the high mountains of Peru where the alpacas live in the wild.

The manufacturer of the yarn holds various organic certificates, including GOTS and OekoTex.

Alpaca wool is allergen-free and suitable for young children, as well as to those who do not tolerate other wools. 

The unique fibre structure of alpaca wool allows it to adjust with various temperatures, thus, these products can be worn at +15 degrees, as well as at −15 degrees. Alpaca wool products stretch more than lamb wool products, for example, which makes an alpaca wool hat suitable for men, women, and children alike, by size.

The yarn is silky and very warm, but requires gentle care.

All maintenance instructions are provided on the labels of the products.

The alpaca wool accessories of a minimalist style will keep you warm and stylish in a cold weather.

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