Merilin has acquired an education in two specialties, the specialty of a tailor and the specialty in leather art and leather design at Tartu Art College. Already during her studies, all of her free time was spent on working to fill orders, and the work experience gained over the years and her passion for the chosen specialties stands out from all of her work. All of the bags and accessories are perfected to the last detail and made of the best materials, selected with professional awareness based on the knowledge of the learned specialties.

Natural materials are part of nature, a self-operating and self-balancing system, and they are safe for both children and nature. The leather used in Biut products is a by-product of the meat industry (cowskin, sheepskin, and goatskin) and no separate material is produced. In the case of bags and accessories, even the smallest pieces of skin can be used and the remaining skin that cannot be used is minimal. What remains of vegetable tanned leather is 100% naturally degradable and chemical-free. Quality vegetable tanned leather is very durable, its surface has a unique/authentic, timeless, and fascinating texture, which are properties that make this type of leather bag a very valuable accessory in your wardrobe.

Alpacas are considered to be wool animals with the smallest ecological footprint. The yarn used in Biut products comes from the Peruvian Andes, where alpacas live high in the mountains. All Biut knitwear products are made on a hand-knitting machine and the finished product is perfected by hand. Biut alpaca wool knitwear products and accessories are made following zero-waste principles. 100% all knitwear residues find a purpose.


Product quality comprises the quality of materials and components, professional execution, detailed finishing, and the ease of use. Only in this way is it possible to produce a practical and long-lasting product. In the case of natural materials, every small piece is used, because knowing the origin of the materials, the method of obtaining them, and their various irreplaceable good properties, Merilin knows how to appreciate their value.

As a leather artist, she places a special emphasis on leather products. The uniquely designed bags and accessories uphold the long traditions of leather art, which together with the style and professional skills of the designer are intertwined into a modern luxury product.

Biut collections consist of handmade accessories and bags made of quality leather and alpaca wool knitwear. The most outstanding products in the collections are handbags created as leather artwork, which are made with great dedication and care and take several days of work to make. Products made this way bring the materials to life and make them unique works of art.