The beauty of natural materials will create harmony in your outfits and will always make you look stylish.


Bïut is a designer brand which celebrates natural materials, offering unique and original hand-made designer products. In addition to the creative aspect and the designer’s individual style, convenience of use, durability, and professionally finished details are equally important.

The products are made and the suppliers of materials are selected based on the principle of sustainability. 

The selection includes leather bags and accessories and baby alpaca wool accessories. 



Selection of the leather is of utmost importance for the leather products of Bïut. Vegetable tanned
full grain leather, which is of highest quality leather, is used for high-end products.
In the case of full grain leather, the topmost layer of the leather, which shows the natural pattern
and texture of the leather, has been preserved and is never covered with a layer of dye. Such leather
is not dyed or is dyed with aniline or semi-aniline dye which sinks in the leather, sparing the natural
beauty of the leather.
Vegetable tanned means that the leather has been tanned by using natural methods.
Vegetable tanned full grain or full grain leather products are most durable and look the most
The main value of the design products arises from the authenticity of the high-quality natural
leather. Such products are sustainable in the longer perspective, as they can be used for years and
you will always have a bag or an accessory of timeless style which harmonises with your own style.


In the case of the alpaca wool knitted products of Bïut, the origin and qualities of the wool are very important. The yarn used to make Bïut’s alpaca wool products comes from the high mountains of Peru where the alpacas live in the wild.

The manufacturer of the yarn holds various organic certificates, including GOTS and OekoTex.

Alpaca wool is allergen-free and suitable for young children, as well as to those who do not tolerate other wools. 

The unique fibre structure of alpaca wool allows it to adjust with various temperatures, thus, these products can be worn at +15 degrees, as well as at −15 degrees. Alpaca wool products stretch more than lamb wool products, for example, which makes an alpaca wool hat suitable for men, women, and children alike, by size.

The yarn is silky and very warm, but requires gentle care.

All maintenance instructions are provided on the labels of the products.

The alpaca wool accessories of a minimalist style will keep you warm and stylish in a cold weather.


Give the values which you share with us to your employees, business partners, and clients, and turn the symbols of your company into a style which people want to wear!

The products are available gift-wrapped.

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